Benaulim Beach, Goa

Goa is known as a beach destination for good reason, as the Konkan coastal part of the state is dotted with over 50 of them! While some of them are extremely popular with visiting tourists a larger number of the beaches are relatively uncrowded and free of commercial ventures because the tourists haven’t really discovered them. Many of the beaches are a part of fishing villages.

Benaulim Beach in the southern part of Goa (pronounced Benauli by the locals), not far from Colva Beach, is on the tourist map but perhaps not as crowded as some of the others. It’s a long and wide beach with a couple of resorts right on the beach and a few shacks known for the food they serve. You can also find the usual typical sort of beach tourism activities like boat rides, dolphin spotting rides, parasailing, etc.

A scene typical of less crowded Goan beaches, people and dogs taking it easy.

If you’d rather enjoy a more relaxed visit, Benaulin Beach is a great place for a leisurely stroll either in the morning or the evening. Let the sands You can always find a lounging chair enjoy the breeze and drink in the spectacular sunsets.You can also watch fishermen at work whether fishing, or working on their nets depending on which part of the day you’re there.

Benaulim also has a historical significance in the Puranas legend tells that Parashurama shot an arrow from the Sahyadri mountains and it landed at Benaulim. Benaulim is supposedly a corruption by the Portuguese of the original name of the village which was Banavalli/ Banahalli (“bana” meaning arrow and “halli” meaning place).

Another typical sight on many of Goa’s beaches, especially close to resorts or shacks – a line lounging chairs with coconut palm umbrellas for cover from the sun.
Lifeguards in on Benaulim Beach, next to the red flag that warns tourists against swimming or even venturing into the water as it’s unsafe.
A view that’s typical of many of the larger Goan beaches – local fishing boats and nets pulled up on the sand after the morning fishing expeditions against a backdrop of tourists.
A trip to the beach is not complete without a walk along the shoreline and letting the water wet one’s feet at least!
One of the less spectacular sunsets at Benaulim Beach, but beautiful never the less as the setting sun burnishes the water and the sand with gold.
Little birds, sandpipers I think, at sunset looking for tidbits in the sand.
A cat we found taking a nap on a log just off the beach. It was suspicious but seemed happy enough to pose for my camera……
One great way to spend the afternoon at the beach – find a nice chair in a shady spot and then take a nap before lunch!
There are no sharks at Benaulim beach that I’m aware of, at least not of the fishy sort, but one often finds pictures like this painted on either on sign boards, hoardings, surf board, etc on many of the beaches.

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